Tesco deals pizza express

Tesco deals pizza express

Tesco deals pizza express

Tesco Clubcard has joined forces with Eagle Eye to digitally distribute Tesco Clubcard Reward vouchers to its customers for the first time. The company will provide Tesco with a simple, secure and efficient way to manage its customer reward programme, with UK restaurant chain PizzaExpress as the first partner. Tesco Clubcard customers can now exchange their Clubcard points for digitally-delivered rewards that are instantly redeemable at PizzaExpress. With existing paper-based vouchers taking up to five days to arrive in the post, Tesco Clubcard has gone back to the drawing board in order to meet the needs of its increasingly digitally savvy customers. Using this new innovation, Clubcard members can now receive rewards from PizzaExpress via email within two hours and redeem them at participating restaurants.

Tesco Clubcard serves up digital rewards- Pizza Express first to sign up

Dearest daughter had a small chicken Pizza today and a coke whilst out with her friends. She needs to be getting a paper round sharpish! Another pointless thread from you. Otherwise, as above, Tesco vouchers. Some tips Here on getting discount. I have a tesco credit card as well! Just never thought to arm the daughter with vouchers as I need them for crc if only.

Pizza was 12 quid apparently. That was pre cinema and shopping. Can she afford it? Is she having fun? And then it might not have a positive effect. Are these down south prices? Seemed very reaonable to me. Have you told your daughter about all this nonsense. Anyhow crack on with your goading. Had to wait 45 mins from ordering for food to arrive. Quite a few people walked out before their food arrived. Aim of the game, as has been suggested, is getting your daughter into using things like 02 Priority Moments, Vouchercloud etc.

I had a lovely pizza from a street vendor yesterday. Freshly made in front of my eyes in a wood fired oven. Discounts plenty, and the pizzas are pretty good. Unlike Five Guys. Screw that. Better still, a traditional pub with real ales, ordinary grub on ordinary plates and no pretence. Actually we were drinking at 15 in the local. None of those ruddy dumbphones neither. Yes been there done that. Get yourself an nus card. Otherwise agreed it is far too expensive and menu is pretty limited..

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 of 64 total. Posted 2 years ago. Use Tesco clubcard vouchers Posted 2 years ago. Go somewhere decent? Awaits wrightysons Tesco rant thread Posted 2 years ago. Drac Subscriber. And tap water instead of coke. And then it might not have a positive effect Posted 2 years ago. WTF preciousmental? As a result, full price is a bit high. Pavement pizza Posted 2 years ago. Malvern Rider Member. Frankenstein Member. Student discount? Dough balls mmmm! Northwind Subscriber.

Jerome Subscriber. Pimpmaster Jazz Member. Awaits wrightysons Tesco rant thread. I tried haggling the other day.

Pizza Express

I bet you think that i am tight only eating out with Tesco clubcard deals again with most pizza express the food is alway good and hot without too much waiting for it even though it was during a busy time. To start with, I must say that our pizzas were good. We took the American hot thin and crisp pizza for We went on a Saturday evening and the atmosphere was awful.

Have eaten at many different pizza express restaurants and paid using tesco clubcard boost vouchers for the total bill..

Your Tesco Clubcard vouchers go a long way at PizzaExpress: Get 3x your vouchers value to spend when dining in! In order to use this offer please visit the Tesco Clubcard website and choose how much in Clubcard vouchers you would like to exchange for PizzaExpress tokens. Tesco will then send you two emails: Tokens are valid for 6 months once exchanged, just show them to our terms when asking for your bill to redeem.

Excellent Tesco Clubcard offer - Pizza Express

Please refresh the page and retry. T esco shoppers are being urged to trade their Clubcard points for discount vouchers and other rewards today before they depreciate in value. At present, customers can exchange their points for vouchers to be used at high street restaurants and visitor attractions. However, from tomorrow Tesco will cap this exchange rate at three times the value of the points. Shoppers must redeem their points today to ensure they do not lose out financially because of the changes.

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Shoppers urged to spend Tesco Clubcard points before drop in value

Arrived around 2. Restaurant was very quiet, we were offered a choice of table. We just went in to use a tesco voucher that was due to expire soon. We were plesantly suprised to find that dessert is being served with a free coffee. Portion size was very small, actually half the size I would have expected- maybe they ve done this to allow for the free coffee!! My recommendations are based on customers using vouchers, as I wouldn t eat here without them. My partner and I went there last wednesday lunch time when it was very quiet, and the service was dissapointing. It is a large pizza express and only tables were occupied when we entered, and yet the manager allocated us a table instead of letting us sit anywhere, which is common practice when there are many empty tables. From our vantage point, we could see the chef preparing the pizzas, and he was taking his time doing everything.

Tesco Clubcard | Restaurant Vouchers

Whether you want to spend Valentine s Day 9 tucked up at home eating a posh dinner, or out in a restaurant - don t feel like you have to seriously splash the cash to get a good meal. It includes pizza obvs sharing desserts and even actual heart-shaped dough balls. The menu is available on Valentine s Day only, so you might want to book it in now. See the full menu here. The menu is ridiculously mouthwatering, and includes:. Planning a Burns Night celebration? Pick up all you need to make a traditional cranachan in store, from our Speyside Scotch whisky to our floral heather honey.

Me and my tesco clubcard deals - Pizza Express

Skip to content. The digital gift voucher solutions provider is providing Tesco with a way to manage its customer reward programme, with UK restaurant chain PizzaExpress as the first partner. Tesco Clubcard customers can now exchange their Clubcard points for digitally-delivered rewards that are instantly redeemable at PizzaExpress. Clubcard members can now receive rewards from PizzaExpress via email within two hours and redeem them at participating restaurants. This digital solution provides Tesco Clubcard members with a much more convenient way to access their rewards. A unique voucher code is automatically generated and a personalised email containing the reward is sent to the customer, so that it can be redeemed immediately. Assigning a unique code to every reward ensures that it can only be redeemed once.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers - Jersey Forum

Love the food here, it s one of those places that no matter where in the country you go you can guarantee it s going to be good. Starters were lovely and mains fantastic, only tend to go if I have a voucher or have changed clubcard vouchers as I do find it very pricey for what it is especially drinks but on the whole is very nice. I chose this particular restaurant for lunch as italian is my daughter s favourite food so I was eager to please her on her final day of holidays before school recommenced for Autumn. We were greeted by a Pizza Express employee at the door and shown to a table beside the window, this might have been a bad move as from this perspective I was given a good view of the whole establishment, I always had a high opinion of this chain as in the past I used them frequently in Kendal also in Cumbria, the first thing that struck me was despite my initial impression I was very disappointed by the decor inside, shoddy paintwork and also the majority of the seating looked very warn with the top layer of vinyl was coming off on many of them exposing the material underneath, not really what you expect from one of the better nationals. We finished our food eventually and paid up to leave for an afternoons shopping, not before witnessing one of the staff members rushing back in with 2 bags of microwave uncle bens rice I also noticed some people were given a lunch menu whilst we were only offered the full one, a trick to make us spend more perhaps? My previous opinion of the chain is now a bit tainted. Food, service, wine and atmosphere, just fabulous Tesco vouchers make it great value too!

Discussion in suburban75 started by mrs quoad , Feb 27,

Can you use pizza express vouchers from tesco

Just be aware that you cannot use your tesco vouchers here for the summer small sign on door which we walked straight past which was a shame. Other than that another lovely family meal in a lovely located pizza express x. Had a fab meal with the wife on our last night in Newquay, lovely rear terrace also and a great place to watch the sun go down. Saturday night booking for quarter to eight. Popped in at seven as kids getting tied. Lady on the door moved some bookings around and taken straight in. Served very quickly and food was spot on. Staff were great with the kids and everyone left happy. One more thing - what great views. We were very disappointed with Pizza Express. We have visited them many times before but never again.

Tesco vouchers make this cheaper - Pizza Express

Rusty the Clown: Really fast IIRC. Two days? Mine have always taken ages to arrive, like over 2 weeks! But that is generally Pizza Express vouchers and they probably have to process loads of those. TTC 1 but my stupidly long cycles are getting in the way!

Tesco Clubcard rewards are changing – here’s how to swap your points so you don’t lose out

Excellent staff. Excellent food. Clean and well run restaurant. What more could you want?!!! I had a voucher to use at Pizza Express, hence my visit. The staff were welcoming, attentive and pleasant. Certainly a step above most places in Eastbourne which for a "chain" is impressive. Pizza was very good. My only negative comment is about the pricing. It s way above the average for a pizza. Would I spend the money if not discounted, probably not. Overall, a good relaxed lunch with a great team in the restaurant. I visited this branch of Pizza Express a couple of days ago, and seeing as I ve never been I was expecting some basic eat in pizza. I was pretty impressed by the overall visit, all the staff were cheerful and really happy to help and the service was better than most places I ve been. We arrived at six and were all ready to go before seven!

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