Tax day freebies 2020 new jersey

Tax day freebies 2020 new jersey

Tax day freebies 2020 new jersey

To help take some of the sting out of tax day, many restaurants and other businesses are offering tax day discounts and freebies. Some of the deals are only valid on April 15; others are good before and after. And Tax Day signals a three-week special of free delivery and no service fee on delivery through bjsrestaurants. The offer ends May 5. California Tortilla: Taxes, Schmaxes! Free chips and queso with any purchase on April

285+ Birthday Freebies for Your Special Day

Our hosts Ryan Ermey and Sandy Block walk you through all the last-minute advice you need to file your taxes -- from common errors to avoid to filing an extension to free filing software. The pair also discuss Tax Day consumer deals and freebies you don't want to miss. Episode Length: Links and resources mentioned in this episode. Ryan Ermey : Well, it's April 15th. Have you filed your taxes yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered. On today's Tax Day extravaganza, Sandy and I discuss filing for an extension, free last-minute software options and common procrastinator mistakes, before wrapping up with a collection of Tax Day deals and freebies.

That's all ahead on this episode of Your Money's Worth. Stick around. It is Tax Day, at last. We're going to try to get this show up as early as we can, so you can listen and then go file your taxes. Ryan Ermey : That's exactly right, but I guess we wanted to kick things off here with -- just in case you're not going to make it under the deadline today -- what's going on with filing an extension. Sandy Block : That's right.

If you absolutely cannot get your taxes done by midnight tonight and you don't owe, there's no need to panic. You can file for an extension and you'll get an automatic extension until October 15th. It's not like when you hand in your homework late and you have to give a reason. Sandy Block Now, the most important thing to remind people is that an extension does not give you more time to pay. If you owe, you should pay as much as you can by midnight tonight or interest and penalties will start to accrue, but if you're like most people and you're going to get a refund and you really don't have it together, maybe there's some form you haven't found or you just haven't gotten around to doing it, you're much better off filing for an extension and getting it right than rushing to file at the last minute and potentially overlooking some valuable deduction or credit or leaving out some taxable income that could get you a letter from the IRS.

Filing an extension can be a smart thing and as I said, you get six months. You could do it next week, but you can wait until October. Ryan Ermey : Logistically what does that look like? Does it make sense to file electronically, to mail something in? Sandy Block : You can do either way. I would say electronically is faster and more efficient and there are lots of ways you can do that.

Tax preparation software will file the form, you can go to IRS. The form specifically is If you must use a paper version, you have to have it postmarked by the original deadline, which is today, and you have to use the US Postal Service to mail the form. Don't get UPS or something like that. That won't work. Basically, as I said, it's pretty easy, it's seamless, and as long as you don't owe, why not give yourself a little more time and go to bed early.

Ryan Ermey : We did want to make a mention of some content that we have on Kiplinger. There are nine states, from what I understand, where the filing deadline isn't actually April 15th for the state taxes. Now, we recommend that you file your federal and state tax returns at the same time. Most tax software programs will do both and a concern is if you do wait to file your state tax returns, you might forget, but if for some reason you just can't get it together for your state, depending on where you live, you might have more time.

In some cases, it's just a few days. If you live in Virginia, and I do, you have until May 1st. Sandy Block : Hey, yeah, and last but not least, if you live in Louisiana and you've just spent too much time partying in New Orleans, you have until May 15th to file your Louisiana taxes. Again, we don't really recommend this.

It's better to just get it all out of the way today, but it is helpful to know that in some cases you have a little more time to file your state tax return. Sandy Block : No, I don't think so. I think in Maine and Massachusetts it has to do with Patriot's Day. Ryan Ermey : Boston Marathon's usually right around this time. It's always on Patriot's Day. Sandy Block : Yeah, you've got to run the marathon.

You don't have time to do your taxes or go out and cheer for people who are running it, whatever. Sandy Block : I don't know why the other states give more time. I think it leads to potential for more confusion and more forgetting, but it is out there and for some reason you need to take advantage of it, we'll post the whole list on our show notes. Ryan Ermey : Yeah. Like we said, if you need more time to figure it out, especially if you don't owe money, go ahead and take the extension.

It's easier if you Hopefully, all of you have paid months ago and don't even have to worry about it. Well, hopefully not because hopefully you're listening, but the bulk of our segment is going to be for people who are paying today, so we'll have that right after the break. Ryan Ermey : Coming up, don't fall prey to last-minute tax mistakes that will cost you money. Don't go anywhere. Ryan Ermey : All right. We are back, so for the people who are paying today, obviously, they've waited until the last second to do it, but I think that's what a lot of Americans do.

We wanted to go over a couple things. The first being common last minute errors and how to avoid them. Sandy Block : That's right, Ryan, and the takeaway here is just as your school teacher said, when you do your taxes, check your work because mistakes can really cost you a lot of problems. One, and I'll just kind of go down the list of common tax payer errors that could derail your tax return, get it bounced back, or actually cost you some money, the first one I'll mention is wrong Social Security number.

Now, you might think, I know my Social Security number, I'm not going to get that wrong, but what happens a lot of times is people's Social Security numbers do not match their name. If you got married and changed your name, but you didn't file with the Social Security Administration, your tax return could bounce back because that's one of the things that the IRS uses to protect against fraud. Ryan Ermey : Then, in that case, does that mean that you're going to accrue penalties for late payment?

Sandy Block : Right, if you owed. If you owed and-. If you have kids, you need to include Social Security numbers for them and any other dependents that you have otherwise you might have some valuable child tax credits disallowed or reduced, so make sure that those numbers are right, too. Sandy Block : The second one I'm going to mention is really important and I have to confess that I did make this mistake.

That's if you file electronically and have your refund deposited in your bank account or you owe and you have your bank account debited, make darn sure that you use the right account number, and that's an easy mistake to make because if you look at a check, you've got the whole account number and the routing number that you have to enter in your program.

I did this wrong once and fortunately, in my case, actually I owed, so I ended up, it was like a bounced check. I got a note from the IRS saying you didn't pay. Sandy Block : Think about if you have a refund, and you put in the wrong account number, and it goes out, you think that they're going to call you up or the You're going to have to go find it, so double, triple, quadruple check your bank account number if you have a question about what is the account number and what is the routing number.

You can go to your bank website or just Google and it will show you. Sandy Block : That's not a bad idea because it's really easy to get I mean, there's a lot of numbers there and like I said, the mistake here could be really, really dramatic. You have to sign and date your return and if you're filing jointly, your spouse has to sign, too. If you're doing this electronically, there's a method to do that. Sandy Block : The last thing I'll mention is just to make sure that you report all of your income.

A lot of people might be lured into complacency when they see these numbers about how few people get audited by the IRS-. It gets forms from your banks, maybe even someplace where you won gambling money. It gets s and s from all these institutions and then, when you file your tax returns, it looks to see if you reported this income to match it up.

If it doesn't, you will hear from them, so make sure that you report all of your income. If you think that you might have overlooked something, maybe there's a or out there from your brokerage account that you can't find or you're not sure about, that's a good reason to file for an extension because that could cause problems for you. Ryan Ermey : Yeah, you hear that, Dad? My dad's been cheating on his taxes for years. No, this actually isn't true. Not true at all, but the last couple times I've talked to my parents, all they Why do you always bring us up?

Listen, this is what it could be Mom and Dad. I could be telling the world that you cheat on your taxes, so back off. I'll mention you whenever I want. Sandy Block : Again, like I said, this is one thing that you do need to make sure that anything and even something maybe Make sure you report everything to them that has been reported from someone else.

Ryan Ermey : Okay. Then, the other thing we wanted to talk about was that maybe it's too late for you to get professional help doing your taxes, so where should people be looking for last-minute free, online resources. Sandy Block : Yeah, I would be a little I think any tax preparer at this late date is either going to charge you a lot of money or not do a very good job, so I think it's kind of, that train has left the stations in terms of getting professional help.

You'd probably want to file for an extension, but say you do want to file your taxes, you don't want to pay for it there are still lots of free options.

Tax Day 2018 Freebies

W hen tax day comes April 17, you can get a little relief from the stress of filing your return by taking advantage of freebies and special deals that companies will be offering on or around that day. Here's a rundown of who is offering what. Check back because we'll be updating this list as more companies announce their tax-day deals. Arby's will have a coupon for free value curly fries on April The Big Bagel Bundle includes a baker's dozen of Bruegger's plus bagel varieties and two tubs of Bruegger's cold-packed cream cheese, available in more than ten varieties.

Our hosts Ryan Ermey and Sandy Block walk you through all the last-minute advice you need to file your taxes -- from common errors to avoid to filing an extension to free filing software.

Tax Day marks the last day to file income taxes in the United States. This tax was imposed to help pay the costs of the war. After several repeals, new taxes, and subsequent repeals, the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified and went into law in This established the right of Congress to impose a Federal Income tax.

Tax Day freebies and deals

While you wait for that tax refund, it's high time to take advantage of Tax Day giveaways and discounts at restaurant chains and other businesses on April Tax Day arrives 'late' this year , on a Tuesday, because April 15 fell on a Saturday and Emancipation Day, which fell on a Sunday, is marked on Monday, April 17, pushing the deadline for filing back another day. Free food, drinks and massages abound, along with slashed-price meals at Boston Market , Cinnabon , Chuck E. They don't HAVE to collect every fry, but you know they will anyway pic. It's just a BobEvansFarms kinda day. Don't me pic. Bob Evans.

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How to get free food on Tax Day 2019 and Tax Day deals

Plenty of Americans scramble to file by the April 15 deadline , and the sheer stress of it all can be enough to make the whole month feel a little gloomy. Luckily, food chains across the nation feel filers' pain and have great ways of helping patrons cope with those Tax Day woes. From massive margaritas to sweet deals on southern food, here are 15 Tax Day food deals and freebies. April's version of the discounted drink is served with strawberry Twizzlers straws that will put folks in a playful mood — even after paying their taxes. The deal is available at all of its plus locations nationwide. Nothing says so long to Tax Day like endless pizza. Customers must present this coupon to redeem the deal. Customers who buy a medium or large sub, chips and a drink will get a second medium-sized sandwich for free at Firehouse Subs. The offer is valid from April 15 through April Customers will need to present this exclusive coupon to redeem the offer.

Tax Day 2019: Money-Saving Tips for Everybody (Even If You've Already Filed)


Tax Day 2017: How to get deals, free food at Arby's, Cinnabon, McDonald's, more


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