Tlc coupon extreme show

Tlc coupon extreme show

To be completely honest with you, we are not excited about it nor are we planning to watch any of the episodes. Even this past season we only watched about three episodes as we were incredibly disappointed and quite frankly it was downright BORING! Seriously, each show was utterly predictable with the the climax of every episode as: What are they going to do? We have heard it many times from you and experienced ourselves that we are often treated like criminals — even when we are trying to obey all the rules. See our rant about a recent trip to Walmart to see what we mean!

Extreme coupon tips from TLC s Kelly Gibbs

Max Goldberg April 28, Last night, I got home late and put the television on. Since there is something wrong with my cable box I keep forgetting to call Time Warner , it was on TLC and I could not change the channel. So, I found myself watching a show called Extreme Couponing. The camera follows very, very serious coupon […]. The camera follows very, very serious coupon collectors as they prepare for and go on a massive shopping trip to the supermarket.

These people are shrewd and dedicated. Now, I am all for coupons and saving money, especially in this economy. In no way do I have any problem with this. What I found very disturbing was watching what they were buying and going to eat for the next several months — heavily processed, genetically-modified food that was filled with artificial flavors, growth hormones and pesticides.

This is food that is heavy in calories, high in sugar and very, very low in nutrition. This is the food that is making our country sick. This is the food that major agricultural corporations want people eating. As someone who cares tremendously about health, Extreme Couponing was very painful to watch. I felt badly for these people because no one, including our government, has properly taught them how to eat.

It will show you how Big Ag and other major corporations have influenced our government and the USDA, which has resulted in Americans continuing to make very unhealthy food choices. Also, please watch my interview with Andrew Kimbrell, the Executive Director of The Center for Food Safety, as he details how President Obama continues to heavily promote a genetically-modified food agenda.

However, Congress continues to dedicate nearly all of its food-related resources to GMOs. Organic food is slightly more expensive because the industry is not being subsidized by our government. It is simply not a level playing field, and this is something that we absolutely need to change. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive my Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Shop organic. There are definite ways to make shopping organic less expensive.

I just happened across this article in the hunt for a link to the episode I just watched. I just happened on the show again, my program ended and this was the next show on, I was too busy cleaning and just needed the background noise so I let it run. But what came on actually stopped me in my tracks and had me watching 15 min. By the way, he has 6 teenage boys living there. His one requirement was that everything had to be organic and healthy.

That was where I sat down, I figured there was no way, my husband and I alone spend about on groceries for just the 2 of us for a Week to eat organic though mind you we do eat some very nice meals because we can. I watched it for the first time not too long ago out of curiosity. And I was so sad watching it.

I shop with my daughter she is the couponer and she only shops for what she can use. She is a health-nut and does not shop to fill her house. Coupon shopping can be done in a healthy manner. I wanted to let you know, that the show Extreme Couponing started out this past season with a person doing a total organic shop at Whole Foods. I was so excited to see this! I, myself, have attempted extreme couponing, and where it is truly a benefit is on the toiletries.

I was able to stock up on razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc. So hopefully Extreme Couponing will start showing more people who shop organically and encourage more people to start thinking about what they are putting in their body. If the show can expose more people using coupons to save on organic foods, then I am all for it. Show air date was Sunday night Nov 26th…. I have not seen the Whole Foods episode but would actually watch that one.

I am curious to know which products she bought there. No one wants to watch a show that shows someone saving a little money on their weekly, normal size grocery store. What bothered me more then what they were buying was the consumer driven obsession to stockpile much more then could ever be used enough bodywash for one shower a day for 59 years! All I could think about while I watched the show was the various local charities I could donate to if I could learn to coupon that way. One woman did get boxes of cat food — for free — that she gave to a local shelter, another picked up enough things to make 1, care packages to send to our troops.

I find the show to be incredibly disturbing but the unfortunate part of it is that this is representative of a large part of America. Healthy eating has just not taken hold in the U. I am hopeful that things are starting to change but shows like Extreme Couponing do not help. I have seen this show many times and am completely in awe of what I see. I, being an organic consumer, am in shock of the foods being stock piled as well.

I am on my own personal search to make organic more affordable for my family and I by growing expensive organic produce, clipping organic coupons, and paticipating in reward programs. To put a positive spin on this discussin, though I am many months late, our local Kroger a. They do not have everything, but there are some choices that are affordable.

Though I was angry at first and did not understand why this food was not placed on sale, my lovely fiance reminded me that someone was going to get organic, non-gmo, non-processed food for their families who could not afford such. It is nice to see that in my community a small change was made for a few. I hope that stores like Kroger continue to donate organic products to food banks when possible.

Thanks for your feedback, and I was in shock by what I saw as well. I just have no idea if and when they do. Reading a comment, stirs these thoughts. I use to donate food to a local food shelter. I did this for many months and it was a great feeling, helping. There was so much food that would have been otherwise wasted! But then one day I realized, should I be doing this? This food it all GMO, processed, unhealthy stuff. Is this good for people who might be otherwise nutritionally deprived?

I battled with this decision. My intentions were good, but my heart said no! The junk belongs in the garbage and I am happy to know it did not sell at the store.! Thanks for sharing. It brings up a real dilemma. Are people better off with no food or junk, GMO-processed food that is completely nutritionally devoid? I would side with you and try to get these food shelters to start offering a healthy alternative.

Hello all. You obiously have not seen the vegan who does that same thing for healthy food. I coupon like the show and do not eat unhealthy food. Stockpiles are amazing. Expecially for free stuff. Like tp and papertowels and toothpaste that we all donate to people in need. Poor people cannot be choosers. People who dont coupon are crazy.!

And i understand that people do not have time to coupon but i only spend 10 hours a week and save tons of money. You just cant be lazy. Yes, I really hope one day that they will come to realize how unhealthy their diets are as well. The health challenges we face in this country are very serious and need to be addressed by our food choices. I was just watching the show and it featured a young women all of 24 years old who weighed probably pounds and her friend.

I am almost 50 and I work out, take care of myself and by no means eat processed foods. This girl has too much time on her hands which would better be served spending time in the gym and taking care of her child. I have a son with Autism and I watch what he eats and that means fresh fruits and vegetables not processed dinners and sugary foods. I could not believe that this was a 24 year old, with all that weight she looked 35!

Get a job, work out and find something better to do with your time time, diving in dumpsters is not considered a workout!!! I agree with you. Very unfortunately, the show represents what is going in our country and it is really sad that people are not getting the message. It is a travesty that the U. Hello, they obviously do not JUST eat the perishables. This is to save and help people in the world whom really need it.

Also, if you watch more shows you will discover they also eat veggies and fruits.. A big majority of the food on the show is super-processed and can last months on the shelves in the garage. Fruits and vegetables are rarely, if ever, featured on the program.

The Myths of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” – How Couponing Really Works

It was immediately obvious from the first few episodes that they glossed over the amount of time these people spend on couponing. Most of these people make it their full time job. Cutting the actual coupons is NOT all that it takes. The people on this show are not purchasing milk, produce, deli meats, etc. You can not live on extreme couponing alone. You cannot live on processed foods and candy.

A couple of months ago our cable company switched over to a digital system so we had to get this little black digital box which was thankfully free to be able to view the channels.

Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. Is it even possible to shop like that all the time?

Penny-Wise and No Fools in Stores

Max Goldberg April 28, Last night, I got home late and put the television on. Since there is something wrong with my cable box I keep forgetting to call Time Warner , it was on TLC and I could not change the channel. So, I found myself watching a show called Extreme Couponing. The camera follows very, very serious coupon […].

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TLC Extreme Couponing Show Interview

Extreme couponers can get a huge amount of product for little money, an attractive option for some college students. Step 1: Start collecting coupons. There are many places to find coupons. The important thing to remember with printable coupons is that the computer only allows two coupons to be printed per computer. Step 2: Buy a binder and get organized. Organization is key to becoming an extreme couponer.

20 Reasons You Are Not Getting the Same Results as You See on TLC Extreme Couponing

The new TLC show follows shoppers who use coupons to get their groceries for little or no money. Amber Bustanoby has been a couponer for more than three years. She started after her husband left his paid position to be self-employed. At the same time she became preganant with their fourth child. The deals are made better when grocery stores double their coupons. Before long the Bustanobys were saving hundreds of dollars a month on groceries and using that money to pay down debt. A stockpile is a huge pantry or garage where couponers keep their extra groceries.

Is TLC Extreme Couponing Fake? The Truth About Extreme Couponing

Most people who shop with coupons don t have stockpiles of ketchup and laundry detergent on designated shelves in the garage. Well, at least I don t think so. Gibbs will be in Louisville sharing all of her cost-saving tips for three days in mid-October for a free Extreme Couponing workshop hosted by The Courier-Journal. I don t believe in cutting every coupon. It takes way too much time. It s much more time efficient. It s so quick and easy and will still save me a ton of money. I buy a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains and there are never coupons for the items I regularly shop for, so I just don t bother with any of them. I hear this a lot, too.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here. I have previously been approached to do such a show and have refused for a variety of reasons that to me have only been strengthened by this show. I know a lot behind reality shows is hype and misdirection, but turning people off from easy ways of saving money is something that makes me cringe. If you have followed Southern Savers for any length of time, you know that I put a high priority on making this a lifestyle change not a crazy hobby. My response has and will always be the same: In regards to the show, for many that watched this will be their first taste of couponing and will only cement their fears: Like many things, couponing is not inherently good or bad. But we can use it in ways that are good or bad. Let me contrast a few of the things folks mentioned tonight:.

At this penny-pinching moment in American history, this reality show about moms and a few dads who compulsively clip coupons and stockpile free stuff is a breakout hit for TLC, the cable channel formerly best known for Kate Gosselin.

How-to: Become an extreme couponer

Extreme Couponing renamed Extreme Couponing: All-Stars for its third season is a scripted American reality television entertainment series produced by Sharp Entertainment and aired on cable network TLC in the United States and Canada. Extreme couponing is an activity that combines shopping skills with couponing in an attempt to save as much money as possible while accumulating the most groceries. TLC s Extreme Couponing is a show about shoppers who make extensive and focused use of coupons to save money while accumulating large quantities of goods. Extreme Couponing for its run during the Thanksgiving season. It now runs regularly on Thursday nights on Discovery Family. New York Times columnist Virginia Heffernan described the show as "a deceptively simple look at the complex drama of American spending and the paradoxes of parsimony. Online s critic Jennifer Arrow called it a "recessionista series" marked by "a lot of tawdry, exploitative reality " and participants "just doing their crazy best to stretch dollars and provide a little more for their families. The show has come under fire by consumer bloggers and experts such as Jill Cataldo about potential coupon misuse on the show. Actions such as the use of coupons for incorrect items, [13] [14] [15] [16] using counterfeit coupons, [17] [18] [19] and encouraging compulsive hoarding [18] have been cited as reasons to question the show s authenticity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Penny-Wise and No Fools in Stores

The TLC show Extreme Couponing profiles savvy shoppers who have learned to save a bundle through the effective use of coupons. These folks cut hundreds of dollars from their shopping budgets, and many end up with storage shelves and closets full of extra food and supplies. Amber and Clavon Flores have appeared on Extreme Couponing , and here they share some of their secrets to coupon success. Amber and Clavon Flores have four young children, and became interested in extreme couponing after seeing the show in December They run the website Cut Clip Save , where they share tips and resources with others through articles and a community forum. They were kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions about couponing and their appearance in the show. What is the difference between "couponing" and "extreme couponing"? Amber Flores AF: Couponing is more casual. Extreme couponing is basically getting a lot for very little or even for free.

TLC s Extreme Couponing returns tonight with a fourth season premiere that s one for the photo album. Meet Georgia-based couponer Rudy, who is so obsessed with the fruits of her couponing labor that she takes artful photos of her hauls. Among their finds: A free stash of bottles of barbecue sauce, which the couple plans to give away as party favors. Here s an exclusive clip from tonight s show. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Extreme Couponing. Share on Flipboard. Apr 6, Watchlist. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Tired of flag football with your family? Fortunately, there are plenty of reasons to stay put on the couch all weekend long. Check out our roundup of all the marathons, specials and football games on tap.

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