Self help freebies

Self help freebies

Three different people from all walks of life are concealing mysteries so deep that even the very depths of the ocean could not hope to contain them. When Anthony Belzer boards the cruise ship Sovereign of the Seas, he has no idea of the journey that lay before him despite the warnings his dreams were trying to convey. He spent most of his life running from personal demons but now he unwittingly sets a course to come face to face with tragedies beyond his own. Free Book of the Day. Trick hunts vampires; now he must become one. After cheating fate for years, Trick is on the verge of dying.

Freebies cheer self-help groups, poor loan disbursal hurts

Please read our privacy policy. Powered by WordPress. Designed by BluChic. It s amazing how spending a bit of time on Sunday Prep can really help us feel more organized, balanced, and energized in the week ahead. Grab my Cheat Sheet, Meal Prep Guide, and other resources to help you let go of feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted and more centered and present. Get Freebie.

We don t live on a mountain top, and we don t have time to sit in meditation for hours each day. This FREE challenge is for people that live in the real world, and want to make meditation a part of their lives so they can feel balanced and joyful every day. It doesn t have to be hard. I promise! Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed as a mom? Do you want your kids to go to sleep and stay in bed so you can sleep too? Do you need more time for self-care? Do you want to learn how to talk to your kids so they actually listen?

Do you want your kids to love doing their homework? Do you want to know how to plan on Sunday to set yourself up for a successful week? Sign up for my Hot Parenting Tip of the Week emails and learn about these topics and more. I am excited to share this tip with you because it brings so much calm and peace to my life, especially when I am feeling stressed. It is amazing how something so simple, done in just one minute or less can create more balance in your day, and your life. This technique was a game changer for me, and I can t wait for you to get started using it!

This 5 minute audio meditation is the perfect way to start your day calm and centered. We spend so much energy every day, let s take some time to restore that energy so you can be your best you! I hope they are as life-changing for you as they were for me!


Here are a few freebies to get you started! Are you ready to take your personal and professional life to the next level? Purposeful action and focus are two essential ingredients for achieving your goals. My planners help you stay on track without overwhelm!

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Last week I posted this picture on my Instagram page and was expressing that I was not feeling motivated nor had the desire to exercise but I made a promise to myself and I was going to keep the promise and go outside for a run. Afterwards I was so glad that I did. It felt so good to sweat but most importantly it felt good to not break a promise to myself. As moms we are always breaking promises to ourselves. We will sacrifice our self, our schedules, our needs, our desires, our self-care for everyone else around us. Well, I want to encourage you to do ONE thing this week for yourself!!

Freebie: Time Blocking Challenge

Interested in learning a few tips to give your instagram feed a more cohesive and branded feel? Then check out my free guide that breaks down 5 ways you can get a feed that fits your brand and vision. I ve created a guide for using canva to create beautiful email templates that you can use repeatedly for newsletters, promotions, whatever you need! Learn the steps you need to take to get your website built and customized quickly and confidently! Want a quick guide of what your homepage needs in order to double or triple your leads?

19 Freebies for Smart Web Browsing, Social Networking

Everyone loves a freebie! These freebies have been designed to help you start your journey into self discovery and to inspire you to break down the barriers to be free to create the beautiful life you seek. I believe that every female is beautiful. Be You. Get inspired to fall in love with who you are and be secure and confident with being you! Figure out what makes you so beautifully special and unique. Yes please! As women we are programmed to give give give!

Fabulous Freebies

Our five Web-savvy tools and services can help you recover the information you typed into forms, add narrations to presentations, turn PDFs into editable documents, and more. It s fast, easy to use, and proof positive that you re a Web-savvy applicant. This Firefox add-on records every keystroke you enter into blog tools, comment boxes, e-mail forms, and the like. To magically restore the items you typed, just right-click and choose Recover Text or Recover Form. Manage contacts, attachments, and other details in Gmail. Available for Firefox and IE, this beta add-on reveals information about each contact, integrates with Google Calendar for easy appointment scheduling, lists all received attachments for a given contact, and creates local, searchable copies of them. This presentation-hosting service lets you add narration to a presentation just by picking up your phone.

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Check out these complimentary special reports and e-courses and help yourself to as many as you like:. A powerful e-course on how to get rid of bad habits faster and more easily than you ever thought possible:. It gives 9 tips for making money with teleseminars, and provides a link to a phenomenal yet very reasonably priced resource that helps you out with the toughest bit: How to pitch the product and close the sale. A FREE special report. It can be customized so you can promote a weight loss product of your choice or even supplements. And, guess what!

Next week we will continue our study of composing and decomposing the number ten. Through our studies we have explored odd and even, balanced across the equal sign, subitized on ten frames, and looked for related facts. Here are some activities I have prepared for our learning next week. I will create these with the students but wanted to be able to share what the finished products will look like. First we will make a class chart. Circle Map As we build the number ten using two colors of snap cubes to explore the number ten we will write a matching equation. More on circle maps. The next activity will organize our related facts so we can analyze what is happening to the addends.

Also includes relaxing coloring pages!

Put your wallet away. Here are 26 valuable goods and services that don t cost a thing. Cheapskate, skinflint, tightwad -- whatever you want to call us, we hate spending money and love finding a good deal. If we can save a few bucks, we re happy. And if we can get something for nothing, we re in heaven. We ve pulled together a list of 26 of our favorite things you can get in life that are free. And it ain t junk, either. These are valuable goods and services that you actually want, from free music and movies to legal advice and financial services. We ve laid out our list in text format below, or you can check them out in our slide show. Plus, we want to know your favorites, too. Share your best something-for-nothing bargain with us and other readers in the Kiplinger. But a few sites offer this freebie no matter how much you spend. These include Alyssagiftbaskets. For a firewall:

Follow best-selling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss as he takes you on a journey around the world to meet master chefs, and meta-learning experts and show you the art of learning to learn. Visit the Deals page to get this for free right now. Achieve success with this pack of tools, tips and tutorials that will help you get ahead in your career like never before! Learn how to engage local businesses for increased sales, understand how to cold email for new leads, find out how to get a job with a startup you want to work with, get a grip on business development techniques that work for tech companies, tackle and tame your Gmail inbox, and finally, use simple strategies to achieve an optimal sleep cycle. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued. All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you re interested in to dive back into the conversation! AA Deals.

Back Cover: From the author comes a remarkable true story of Spiritual meaning and purpose. On her path of discover, Faye shares how she embraced her Aboriginal roots to glean self-wisdom from an arduous and painful past. The author brings these stories forward: In Part 2 is a look at how science is validating Light energy as Conscious Intelligence and offers the reader ways to enhance their own journey. Available on Amazon. Clearly we are missing the mark in addressing this common human experience. This remarkable series shines a new light on what depression is and how to deal with it exploring depression from psychological and spiritual points of view. Depression is a pressure and an experience. Depression is a contraction within, where emotional energies are held captive and under pressure. Left untended these will drain your vitality. This self-empowering series animates how you can identify external and internal pressures, only one of which is true depression. You will learn how to turn the tide on depressive energy and take back control of your life. Learning how you hurt is the first step in finding out exactly what you need in order to heal.

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