Minnesota state fair coupon book

Minnesota state fair coupon book

Been there, done that. A handful of News Tribuners have already plowed through at least some of the acres of the Minnesota State Fair and have advice about it. Whether it s what to eat get the rainbow roll, seriously or where to take a selfie with Paul Bunyan, we ve got you covered. I enjoyed a victory at the water taste-test table inside the Eco Experience. Fair-goers are given three water samples:

Minnesota State Fair How to Save Money While You Enjoy the Fair

I have heard that if you arrive after the Booths have closed then you can walk into the Fairgrounds without paying a dime. Buy tickets in advance. Please note that pre-fair discount admission tickets can no longer be used to cover the cost of vehicle parking. Go on a Discount Day. Select groups get discounted gate admission on certain days. An added bonus: Free parking. Freebies from vendors. Free Wi-Fi. Free water. Also, food vendors are required to offer courtesy cups of free tap water if you ask.

Use your coupons. It contains hundreds of money-saving coupons. Plus, use the Food Finder in the State Fair app to easily locate vendors who are offering coupons. Free beer samples. Swing by the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. Free grilled pork. Check out Pig 3D: All Sides of the Story from September for free samples of grilled pork. Free ice cream. Free pickles. Smaller portions. Reader Stacy says this: They might look at you funny, but it saves money and calories.

Discounted food. Kids Meal — Best Price Around. The meal includes chicken nuggets, waffle fries, cookie and drink. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. But there are ways to visit the Minnesota State Fair on a budget, if you know where to look. Here are some quick tips on how to get there, get in, and get your fill of the fun — without breaking the bank:.

If you don t feel like burning the gas to drive the family minivan in circles trying to find pricey fairground parking, no worries. The State Fair offers free park-and-ride services from 34 locations near the fairgrounds running from 8 a. Park your car for no cost at one of the locations think church parking lots and university campuses , hop on a free bus, and get dropped off right at the gate. The closest one to St. Use of the Express Bus comes at a small fee, which you can pay in cash at the time of boarding or in advance via the Metro Transit app.

There are tons of ways to save money on admission to the Minnesota State Fair, from early-bird purchases to special discount days. Here are some great options:. Pre-fair discount admission: Early Bird specials are offered until 1 p. One time I was lucky when we were at the State Fair and someone handed me their blue ribbon bargain book as they were leaving! I received a copy of the Blue Ribbon Coupon Book at a Blogger Preview event I attended earlier this month, and there are some really good coupons.

There is a lot of fun included as part of admission, including fun for kids, fireworks, live entertainment and more. Here is a list of what you can find for free:. Do some planning in advance and save time and money! The Great Minnesota Get-Together offers many free services and amenities for guest convenience, including: Expires Sept. Valid Aug. The trolley, which runs 8 a. Use the online visitor guide for more information on guest services and answers to frequently asked questions. For more information about values, special discount days, bargains and more at the Minnesota State Fair, visit mnstatefair.

Skip to content The Ticket Booths to the Fairground close about two hours before the rest of the Fair. Here s how to do the State Fair for less than your weekly coffee budget I have heard that if you arrive after the Booths have closed then you can walk into the Fairgrounds without paying a dime. Free sunscreen. Free State Fair app. Buy a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book?

Blue Ribbon Bargain Book

I spent eight hours at the fair, during that time setting myself a challenge of buying breakfast, lunch, dinner, two drinks and a gift, using the Blue Book and any other offers presenting themselves on Monday. Last year I found that cheap breakfast fare is limited and unsatisfying. I landed in Minnesota around 18 hours earlier after 10 days in France — I was severely jetlagged and sorely needed this coffee. Same as above. If you re going on rides:

Here s how These discount books feature coupons that offer savings on food.

I was the only rookie in a group of four experienced fried food eaters at the Minnesota State Fair. They knew how to get it done. Check out the food map, cross-reference the coupon book, and eat as a team. Never eat a full portion of one particular thing like this guy did.

Discount coupons for mn state fair

Dothan-Ozark-Fort Rucker-Enterprise. Glendale-Luke Air Force Base. South Scottsdale-Arcadia. Casa Grande-Maricopa-Florence. Camarillo - Ventura - Oxnard.

List of New Foods at the Minnesota State Fair

It serves as a way to promote farming in our state, especially to city people. It serves as a way for young people to make some money working for a vendor or show off their crafts or their animals before school starts. Just like with others that go to the Fair, Kraus-Anderson employees have their own special traditions. However, like with most fairgoers, they are food-based. Project Accountant Mari Gronquist says: I, myself, am a Fair fanatic. My family has been going consistently to the Fair annually since What we do is we drive our car to the University of Minnesota campus, park it there, and take a free shuttle to the Fairgrounds. We usually split off and do our own things at the Fair, but we do meet up at 2:

Deals & Discounts

At 4 months pregnant, every food you eat is the best thing you have ever tasted, so the fair was without a doubt, one of the things I had been looking forward to for a long time. While visions of cheese curds and mini-donuts swirled through my head, my pain the balls conscious stopped me……. Your baby need nutrients, not deep fried snickers bars. So I decided not to be a total asshole to my unborn child and this year, I made an attempt to find healthier items to supplement in between those god-forsaken yet delicious deep fried fair foods. For anyone else that is pregnant, on a diet, is vegetarian or who just wants to give their arteries a break, I found 4 healthy- ish AND delicious foods to try at the Minnesota State Fair this year.

Blue Ribbon Bargain Book

Final Four Guides: Coming downtown and need some insider tips for getting around? Click here! Video Library. Best Of. Station Info. MN News.

MSHS Membership Deals at State Fair

My favorite part about any trip to the Minnesota State Fair is always the food. I go for many other reasons too: Reasons to go the MN State Fair. But I will plan my entire day around different food vendors. The list of new foods at the Minnesota State Fair is something I look forward to every year. This year I got the opportunity to attend a special preview day for Bloggers to get a sneak peek at some of the new foods. I am amazed at what some of these talented chefs are putting together. Here are some of the highlights.

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As such, it s always worth taking advantage of the bevy of discount deals available to all fair-goers, which vary from day-to-day. The State Fair on Thursday has released this year s list of discounts, special deal days and money-saving tips, and BMTN has picked out some of the best. This is an absolute no-brainer as a cost-saver. If you book your fair tickets between now and 9 p. There are also a number of discounts for gift stalls, as well as money off on Kidway and Midway rides. You can find all Blue Ribbon book deals here. You can spend a whole day at the fair without costing you a cent provided you drink water and eat samples , particularly given the amount of free entertainment throughout the fairgrounds. More info here. The Democrat-controlled state House approved a new bill on Friday. He ll have a quick residency at the Varsity Theater later this month.

The Minnesota State Fair is a big ordeal in the state of Minnesota, locals travel from all the corners of the state to feast their eyes on the midway lights and enjoy greasy, unique foods on a stick. But there are numerous ways that you can avoid that hefty price. There are many shuttle buses that will take you to the fairgrounds and pick you up, again, for free! Nearby the fair there are also other parking lots that offer discounted parking rates. In fact, down all of Snelling Avenue locals sit on their front yards selling parking spots in the yard to fairgoers. You might even be able to score a deal there. At Cub Foods you can visit any customer service desk and purchase discount tickets for the State Fair. You can save a few buckets on each ticket if you purchase multiple days at a time. Also, check out ticket discount days at the fair.

Gates open from 6 a. The Fairgrounds close at midnight, 10 p. Regular admission at the gate: Pre-Fair discount tickets through Aug. For a complete list of pre-Fair discount ticket sales outlets, call or visit mnstatefair. Grandstand tickets are available at mnstatefair. Each coupon offers at least 30 percent off on listed items. Coupons are valid every day of the Fair. Books purchased during the Fair support the mission of the Minnesota State Fair Foundation to preserve and improve State Fair buildings, grounds and educational programs. Mighty Midway and Kidway specials All-day specials: All-day specials on Mighty Midway and Kidway rides and games are offered Aug. Early Bird specials: Early Bird hours are 10 a. Early Bird Specials are offered on Aug.

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