Major brain freeze yogurt coupons

Major brain freeze yogurt coupons

Many people rely on an old standby when they want to give someone a present: Gift cards are a relatively easy way to give someone something. In fact, the two most difficult aspects of giving a gift card are 1 determining the type of gift card, and 2 figuring out how much credit to put on the card. In our opinion, deciding on the type of gift card you should give is easy. So why not give the gift of frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream in the form of a gift card?

Brain Freeze Explained

Many people rely on an old standby when they want to give someone a present: Gift cards are a relatively easy way to give someone something. In fact, the two most difficult aspects of giving a gift card are 1 determining the type of gift card, and 2 figuring out how much credit to put on the card. In our opinion, deciding on the type of gift card you should give is easy.

So why not give the gift of frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream in the form of a gift card? Most frozen yogurt or soft serve franchises, and also independently owned shops, offer gift cards in various denominations — which makes this type of gift card a no-brainer for people of all ages. The next time you want to give a gift for any reason , purchase a gift card at a frozen yogurt shop. Put the gift card in an envelope and give it to the recipient.

Frozen yogurt or soft serve makes a great gift for several reasons. Second, it allows a person to use one or several soft serve machines to create an optimal dessert. Because it would be a shame to wait until a birthday to have the pleasure of operating a soft serve frozen yogurt machine or a soft serve ice cream machine. Other popular occasions that warrant the giving of a gift card include the following: May 1, By Forte Supply 1 comment Blog. The ICEE was invented in the mids by a man who is well-known in the historical world of frozen beverage dispensers.

His name was Omar Knedlik. In the mids, the popular convenience store chain, 7-Eleven , entered into an agreement with the ICEE Company to begin offering the frozen carbonated drinks at their store locations. The rules were: He determined this word best described the noise people made when they drank the beverage through a straw. The name caught on, and the rest is history! Because they can self-dispense the drinks, customers are able to take their time selecting their favorite flavors, or they can create their own flavor mixture if they so desire.

According to the website MentalFloss. There are quite a few margarita machine and soft serve frozen yogurt equipment manufacturers that distribute products around the world. It may be tempting to select a particular machine based on how it looks, its specific aesthetic features, or its price. What are the Similarities and Differences? When shopping for a margarita machine, soft serve frozen yogurt equipment, or frozen beverage equipment, you may initially believe that all of your options are very similar and the only apparent difference is the price.

But there are other subtle variations with each and every model. Regardless, a few of the most important factors that should go into your decision making process are whether 1 the machine s meets required health and safety standards, 2 the machine has a good warranty, and 3 you will have access to a an extensive network of service providers in your area who know how to help you maintain and repair the type of machine you select. How to Choose the Right Size Frozen Beverage Dispenser or Soft Serve Machine The size of margarita machine, frozen beverage dispenser , or soft serve machine you select should depend on exactly how and where you plan to use the equipment.

Will you place a margarita machine behind a bar counter? Will your frozen yogurt machine be located in the kitchen area of your restaurant, or will it be out in the open for customers to see? In general there are two types of machines — those that are designed to sit on a counter and those that are designed to stand on the floor. Countertop models are usually smaller than free standing models — but each variety comes more than one size. There are pros and cons to leasing vs.

For example, are you planning to add a frozen beverage dispenser to an already established business? If you are on the fence about leasing vs. For more information about the frozen beverage equipment and soft serve ice cream machines distributed by Forte Supply, call one of our local distributors at We are happy to answer all of your questions and help you make the best possible lease or purchase decision.

A lot more goes into opening and operating a successful frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop than simply purchasing soft serve ice cream machines, loading them with frozen yogurt or soft serve mix, and opening your doors to customers. In reality, there is considerable effort that must go into selecting the location for the shop, deciding about the interior design of the establishment, and determining how and where you will promote your business through marketing and advertising.

But just as important as all of the preparations that must be completed prior to your shop opening for business is figuring out exactly who will work at your store. As a new froyo or soft serve shop owner, you want your new venture to be successful. Frozen yogurt is inherently fun. Soft serve ice cream is a treat. When people travel to your store, they are almost always happy and in a good mood because they are excited about the prospect of eating something frozen and delicious.

Eating soft serve is a social experience. The last thing you want to have are employees who come across as unfriendly and intimidating. Frozen yogurt machines and soft serve machines must be filled and cleaned. The employees you hire must be responsible for keeping your soft serve machines stocked and ready to dispense at all times. Additionally, as a food establishment, your obligation to keep up with required cleanliness standards must be upheld — and this necessitates the assistance of your responsible employees.

Employees must handle money. Besides being responsible for displaying a positive attitude and an aptitude for keeping your soft serve machines functioning properly and efficiently, your employees must be able to handle your cash dependably. Some froyo or soft serve shop owners go into business believing they will have the fortitude and physical stamina to run things on their own — without ever needing outside help.

When you hire passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic employees, you will feel comfortable leaving your shop under their care when you are unable to be there. Making it clear to your employees that there is a potential for growth within your company e. If you own a frozen yogurt shop, or if you own or manage a restaurant or convenience store that uses soft serve machines and frozen beverage equipment to dispense frozen treats, here is an exercise for you:.

Groupons normally have an expiration date. One of the greatest things about a Groupon is that word can spread about your frozen yogurt machines and frozen beverage equipment very quickly. At first glance, Groupon appears to be a dream come true for all food service establishments that want to showcase their soft serve ice cream machines or a new margarita machine. A groupon can increase sales and help make quick profits.

Groupon is a great way to gain exposure for your frozen yogurt or frozen beverage business, but it does not necessarily address all advertising and marketing concerns. For example, customers have been known to purchase a Groupon for a frozen yogurt shop, but after using the Groupon, they may never return again. If you would like to explore the myriad of online coupon venues available to promote frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream, we urge you to check out Groupon — or other businesses like it, such as Deal Chicken , LivingSocial , or Amazon Local.

People often wonder about the true differences between regular ice cream and soft serve ice cream. Is soft serve really just melted ice cream? This is what many people automatically assume. But soft serve ice cream is not simply ice cream that has been allowed to sit outside of a freezer for an extended period of time until it melts into a runny consistency.

Soft serve is actually a product that is lower in milk fat than regular ice cream — soft serve usually contains percent milk fat as opposed to percent milk fat in the regular hard variety. Also, soft serve is not produced at the same temperature as is hard ice cream. Another difference is that soft serve ice cream contains a considerable amount of air — which makes it taste creamier, smoother, and lighter than hard ice cream.

Soft serve ice cream is a much newer concept than regular hard ice cream. The way the story goes, Mr. Carvel was driving his ice cream truck through Hartsdale, New York when he had to pull over because his truck had a flat tire. When the ice cream in his truck began to melt, he decided he had to quickly sell it to the people in the vicinity. His customers loved the ice cream — despite the fact that it was melting. It was at this point that Mr.

Carvel came up with the idea for a soft serve ice cream business. The very first Carvel store opened in — ironically in the same location where his original ice cream truck had a break-down, and sold a newly developed soft serve recipe. And the rest is history! Eventually, Carvel stores opened in many areas across the country.

Today, Carvel is one of the most popular and well-known soft serve ice cream brands in the United States. If you have, let us know if it was your all-time favorite Carvel treat! I purchased a couple of machines off of a shop that closed a couple of years back. Machines have never given me any major problems. The key is to smooth running machines is regular maintenance.

The wearable parts program is a great investment and it simplifies the maintenance process. Chad and Kevin have been quick to answer any questions I may have. Great products, prices and service. I will continue to be a loyal wearable parts customer! As with any purchase, there was a learning curve which Jeff and his staff expertly guided us through. Prior to our opening, Jeff came to visit our store and conducted training for not only the owners but our entire staff.

The machines run very smoothly and we have little problems with this — I attribute this to well made machines, but most of all the pre-training we received and help along the way. Can you recall those hot summer days when you heard the sound of an ice cream truck in the distance? Sometimes the truck did not make it to your block, and you and the rest of the kids who gathered with their money would be devastated! But when the truck did make it to you, the treat you purchased tasted really great.

On those occasions, you felt very happy that you were lucky enough to purchase something from the ice cream man! But we are hoping to help change this trend, thanks to the resurgence of food trucks and the popularity of frozen yogurt. According to the website culinaryschools. Nearly three million food trucks troll our streets. An article published on the website www.

Brain Freeze Explained

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Tuesday, December 29, Best Froyo Swirl of Fro-yo girl here. This year I reached a personal high of cups of froyo consumed in one year. The quest for the Unlimited Cup at Yogurtland and some other Yogurtland challenges based on the number of visits during a set time period encouraged my increased froyo consumption. I also went on several trips and that also leads to greater froyo consumption. Cups that I consumed, a yearly comparison:

Coupon Clipping as the Key to Economic Rebirth

Cold drinks cause a major artery in your skull to dilate -- ouch! Ice cream headache is a familiar summertime sensation, but the pain s source has been mysterious until now. A team led by Jorge Serrador of Harvard Medical School produced brain scans of "second-by-second changes" in blood flow while subjects sipped iced water through a straw pressed against the roof of the mouth, which caused the brain s major artery to widen. As the vessel narrowed again, the discomfort ebbed. He suspects that the influx of blood is meant to protect the brain from extreme cold and that increased pressure inside the skull could cause the pain. All rights reserved.

Major Brain Freeze Yogurt

Join free now, but only for a limited time! When you are just trying to feed your family, that is a pretty scary prospect. That said, as more and more people are beginning to realize, coupons can be a great way to save money on food. They tagged along as I prepared for one of my own shopping trips, and then as I shopped with Kristen, a single mom of 4 who had never used coupons before and was looking for some practical ways to cut her food budget in half. For Kristen and probably every other average mom or dad who is just trying to save some money on groceries, the idea of all that time and energy on a single shopping trip was not only overwhelming, it was unrealistic. However, as I explained to Kristen, it IS possible to cut your grocery bill in half without spending all your time clipping coupons. In fact, even if you never clip a single coupon, you can still save significant money on your grocery bill just by changing the way that you shop. Like anything in life, you have to find the right balance.


Forty-five minutes before midnight on a wintry Tuesday evening, Cathy Yoder and Monica Knight, a pair of something Boise women who run a popular coupon blog called Fabulessly Frugal , strode with purpose through the parking lot of their local Albertsons supermarket. Yoder and Knight, who are Mormon and have nine children between them Yoder: Yet with the supermarket in sight, they grew visibly jazzed, like Vegas high rollers entering a casino. Within minutes, Knight — a part-time dental hygienist with glossy, nearly waist-length blond hair and enviable white teeth — had discovered a sale on StarKist tuna fish. A bulging nylon binder, which she had seated like a toddler in the front of her cart, held six StarKist coupons for 50 cents off; paired with Albertsons coupons, they were worth a dollar each, the same price as the tuna.

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Check it out here! A while back, extreme couponing was the popular thing to talk about, but for the rest of us, is using coupons even worth it? Here are some things to consider about using coupons and how the might not really be saving you anything. I would love to hear your thoughts about it. I have seen that show. I would go the to store armed with my coupons and would often get my groceries for free or for very very little money. I loved it. I could hardly wait until the next time I went to the store so I could do it again. There are exceptions to my rule and you might have circumstances in your life that make it easier for you to engage in extreme couponing so, if this describes you, I am not talking about you.

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Maybe you have fond memories of sprinting from one roller coaster to another at amusement parks. Or, maybe your memories are from summers at the beach playing in the crashing waves. But you can still go outside and play in the sprinkler if you want to. Our Italian Ices are made in small batches so our flavor and texture is exactly what you would get from a street cart. Enjoy traditional flavors or try something new. They re all fat free, gluten free and around calories. So, he began crafting original recipes in his kitchen and sharing them with the whole neighborhood. Today, Lindy s neighborhood has grown to include the whole country. And, as it turns out, you don t even have to visit a Lindy s street cart to get some.

We start with high quality cream, add your choice of flavors, and then blast it with liquid nitrogen!

Is Using Coupons Worth It? You Might Be Surprised!

Hopping at lids. Worry Free Shopping. The majority of the stores operate in shopping malls and factory outlet centers. The idea here is during the last bit of fermentation with the dry hops all of the carbon LIDS Products. Lids has 33 more store locations within 50 miles, besides the location at Roosevelt Field. Reviews suggest that customers are happy with their product quality, ease of transaction and value for money. Ask Question 6. The whole bag floated nicely when I added it in before putting the lid on right at the end. Get egg-cited, someone special is hopping into town! Take photos and meet the Easter Bunny! View Details. Customer Service. When you are done dry hopping, pull the lid, slide the ss clamp off and pull the bag out of the keg and close it …Dry hopping is a perfect way to add fresh hoppy aroma to your beer. Bring your friends and family for a day of shopping, fun and entertainment at Boise Towne Square. Dry hopping is a perfect way to add fresh hoppy aroma to your beer.

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What a great idea! Nothing is better during the hot summer than a popsicle, my daughter is obsessed with them! I might have to put this on my calendar for an end of summer party! Thanks for sharing! These look great! I love popsicles in the summer:

You get to be the head chef, choosing the not only your flavor experience, but also the texture. This allows us to tailor the final product from soft serve to rock hard consistency and anywhere in between. Numb Tongue: The scoopable consistency you crave when you search the freezer for a mid-night snack. Brain Freeze: Rock hard, flaky consistency. We recommend letting it sit for a few minutes before biting in. Looking for a way to get your students excited about science? Our demonstrations with liquid nitrogen keep students entertained while we discuss concepts such as:. In addition to delicious ice cream samples, we provide each student with a coupon that they can redeem to experience the sensation of Sub Zero Ice Cream outside the classroom. Who knew learning tasted so sweet? To learn more, visit http: While we might offer the most innovative technique for freezing ice cream, we are indebted to the minds and taste-buds that came before us. After all, we have refrigeration processes that make ice cream in minutes or, in our case, seconds , freezers that store ice cream for months, and preservatives to make ice cream last years something no one really wants to think about.

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