Knoebels coupons 2019 weis

Knoebels coupons 2019 weis

Ever since the signs went up marking the beginning of the season for Knoebels Amusement Park , my son has been begging to go! He knew I still had tickets left over from last year, thanks to the special at Weis Markets. I mean, who can turn down discounted tickets? I bought them near the end of last season to have ready to go for this year! Well, the day came. When I saw the weather forecast for the day, I knew the day had come because it was supposed to be cooler.

Visiting Knoebels? Then You Need to Read This Sensory-Friendly Travel Review

One of my favorite places to visit is Knoebels in Elysburg, PA. I have been going there ever since I was a toddler, and my now deceased grandmother even went there as a child. Knoebels allows you to bring food in. But I find their food to be very reasonably priced and very good. They are known for having better food than most amusement parks and win awards for it.

They host spaghetti dinners, fish frys and even have a full-service restaurant in the middle of the park. I saw some allergy information posted at some food stands but did not see any carb counts for T1 families anywhere. Not all of the food stands take credit cards so have cash. Same goes for the ticket booths, some only take cash. The tickets you purchase will only be valid for rides, not food. There are food tickets, but usually those are sold as part of a company picnic or family reunion.

They have many rides for little ones, which we love. You can buy an all-day ride pass or tickets. The tickets look exactly the same as they did 50 years ago and they never expire. We are now getting to the point that my one son gets an all-day ride pass and the rest of us get tickets to join him when we want to on a ride. Keeping in mind that they are preschoolers or ride mostly the preschool rides which require fewer tickets.

There are plenty of shade trees and other options to get out of the hot sun, including a nice swimming pool. There are plenty of benches for resting. There are plenty of out of the way places to get away from people and noise for quiet time. One of our favorite down time spots is in the back of the park, behind the blacksmith and the woodcarvers.

We go to many amusement parks, and I feel less crowded in at this one, it feels less overwhelming and like we have more space—from a sensory perspective, if that makes sense. I find it to be very disability friendly. Parking is also free. They do have special armbands for people with disabilities. You have to go to the First Aid station which is in the center of the park. There are paved walkways. I have found the people there to be accommodating when it comes to me helping my child on and off the rides.

A reader who read this post brought up a good point. Dogs are allowed in the park, and her son with special needs does not like dogs. Others pointed out that they felt that you were more likely to run into dogs on weekends and on bargain nights. If your child does not like or is afraid of dogs, you should know that they allow dogs there. They have wheelchairs, wagons and strollers available to rent.

None of them. I know, right? If you have issues with your child and the toilet, just be forewarned. In the middle of the park there is a baby changing room and nursing area if you need it. If you are looking for ways to save money, Knoebels does put out discounts each summer. Here are some of them. It provides support, resources and advocacy services for parents of children with special needs.

Then You Need to Read This Sensory-Friendly Travel Review Here are some great Knoebels travel tips and discounts, including info on how it accommodates children and others with special needs. By Lisa Lightner. Edit Module Show Tags Advertisement. Sign up here For Email Marketing you can trust. Free Event? Directories Camp Guide. All listings. Child Care. Education Guide. Field Trips. Places to Visit. SpecialKids Guide.

How much is tickets for a group of eight

It is my favorite time of year! Right about now my kids start talking about knoebels. We have spent the last 25 years at the park and camp ground. The park makes you feel like you steped

While at the park, you can take a dip in its , gallon Crystal Pool. You can stay overnight at one of two campgrounds or a number of cottages.

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Post a Comment. Sunday, July 30, knoebels ten things to know before you go. Visit During the week. In most cases amusement parks operate pretty much the same no matter when you visit. Knoebels is an exception and thus you should plan your visit accordingly if possible. On weekdays Knoebels offers daily "handstamps" or wristbands which allow for unlimited riding from park open to park close with a few attractions excluded. These are available for both adults and children Monday through Friday. We have visited on a weekday before and our experience is as follows kids who ride a lot and will ride all day will get a huge bang for your buck on an all day ride pass. I actually calculated when we bought these the value based on how many rides they did and it far surpassed what we paid for the passes.

Knoebels on July 4th - Elysburg Forum

Our team is confident that we have found the newest Knoebels coupons. Feel free to share with us if we ve missed something. All In-Store. Get alerts when we add new Knoebels coupons. Privacy Policy Go. Free EV Charging. How to Use Knoebels Coupons:

Just some of the valuable coupons in KidStuff for the Lehigh Valley Edition (LV)

If you plan on buying a large number of tickets, go directly to the park office to buy. I believe that you get a major discount if you buy a particular number of tickets. Please don t quote me on that; it may vary year-to-year. But you can see it s worth a trip to the park office to check it out. There are also ride-all-day wristbands, bargain nights and sundown pricing available. Depending on your dates and the types of riders in your group, there are lots of options to make this park very affordable. If you are going on a week day and plan to ride a lot then the wrist band is a good option. Tickets never expire so that is a plus.

Knoebels, Lodging, Dining & What Else to do Nearby - Elysburg Forum

Are crowds heavy on July 4th? July 4th is on a Wednesday this year. I saw the were doing a special that day on pricing. The Knoebels website has information on discount coupons. I remember a few spray stations the last time I was there. Just what I need An excuse to buy Widdleswarth! Knoebel Bridge. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers.

There is no better way to enjoy your first trip of the season!!!

Knoebels Coupons & Promo Codes

Is it worth it? How far from Hershey? About 90 minutes and absolutely worth it. The Phoenix is the 2 wooden roller coaster, Haunted Mansion is the 3 dark ride, and Black Diamond is the 4 indoor coaster. It also has a Flying Turns, the only wooden bobsled coaster in the world. All that plus free admission pay-per-ride or buy an all-day wristband and free parking. Knoebels is a great family park. I especially like that admission is free so those who don t ride much aren t forced to pay a large admission fee and you can bring your own food into the park - there are large picnic table areas around the park. Even if you purchase food,, prices are much more reasonable than the large theme parks. Once you arrive in the area, check the local Weis grocery stores, they sometimes have coupons for a discount on the all day wrist bands. Coupons can also often be found on bags of Middleswarth chips and Pepsi products.

Knoebels Coupon

Someone told me there are coupons in the entertainment book, but I don t have one. Anyone know if that s true, and not want their coupons? Or alternatively know of any other way to get a discount? Just in case anyone is interested in another park Can also add Camelbeach: Grossology the new exhibit of gross body functions excellent!!!!!!!

I was considering taking a trip to go to Knoebels Amusement Park with my family. We have 2 yr old toddlers. I have never been to the area before. Any tips on Knoebels itself? Do you recommend the pay as you go or the all in one pass? Can anyone tell me what else is nearby to do for the kids or adults amusements, attractions, neat nature spots, zoos, aquariums, etc? Any fun flea markets in the area? Any must sees? We are not campers. So, we are looking for lodging nearby. Any thoughts? Are there any amazing dining options around the area that should not be missed? It doesn t have to be fancy Knoebels is a great choice for an amusement park, especially with small children. Knoebels is located in a somewhat rural area so there are no major population areas nearby with major tourist attractions.

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