Gym deals new year

Gym deals new year

During the first few months of the year, signups at fitness centers and health clubs tend to trend upward. While these memberships can be costly, you may be able to find more affordable options or take advantage of certain discounts. If you do, your heart and the rest of your body will likely reap the rewards. That includes machines for a cardiovascular workout, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and stair-steppers, as well as a range of different weight machines. Likewise, using weight machines rather than free weights dumbbells offers greater control and is less likely to lead to injuries. If these advantages resonate for you, a gym membership may be a worthwhile investment.

The Best Gym & Boutique Fitness Class Deals To Score Before

There are hundreds of ways that you can market your gym, especially in the digitally connected world we live in now. When it comes to fitness marketing, there are a lot of fun and engaging campaigns you could run. Using digital marketing, you could target and promote your gym to your ideal audience where they spend most of their time. You can promote your gym offers and promotions straight to their phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc.

Just like when working out, there needs to be a goal. Are you looking to increase members, raise brand awareness, create evangelists from your current members? Having a goal also help you narrow down your focus. As the difficulty is not getting in front of your audience but getting their attention. So I raise you the same question. How are you going to get the attention of your ideal gym audience?

Are you going to get them to walk into your gym with a discount or maybe lure them with a giveaway? A creative way to get my attention would be in improving and perfecting form. I bet there are a lot of CrossFit members that would love to develop their movements and would gladly sign-up for more one-on-one training. Remember you can market to current members to keep them happy, get them to purchase more and get them to become your gym promoters.

The promotions you run for a CrossFit box are completely different that those of a bar or cycling gym. Knowing your gym audience and what makes your gym special over the competition will help you use the correct verbiage when marketing your gym. Once you have your target audience defined and channel of choice social media, search ads, mobile apps or blogging the next thing you need is an idea.

How are you going to market your gym? What are you going to do to get them to click on your ad, promotion, offer or blog post? To give you a helping hand and to get your ideas flowing here are 10 digital fitness marketing ideas you can use to market your gym. A slimdown Facebook promotion is perfect for a group of women looking to get in shape for summer.

Starting January 1st when the fitness motivation is at its highest and ending the first day of summer would be the ideal timeline. Marketing this as a special 6-month high-intensity program that is different from the regular class workouts. New members would sign up for six months at a special price and once they are hooked and love the results they see they would sign up for a long-term commitment to your gym.

Getting individuals to act towards achieving a goal when they are thinking about it the most, like the new year, would get the most amount of participation. Has a start date and end date — Clear timeline for the individual to reach their goal. On your gym anniversary run a promotion for the first 20 non-members that visit the gym. The special price largely depends on your monthly membership costs and the type of gym you own.

If you have a one-to-one personal training company, it might be a little more costly for you to give six months for free with a month contract versus a big box gym. Do you run a corporate wellness program? Do you have multiple businesses working out at your gym? Run an organizational challenge. Get local businesses to compete against each other. Give the winning business either a free membership for 6 months, products such as vitamins, protein powder, etc.

Business owners are innately competitive and getting them to have a friendly competition with other business owners will get everyone working towards a goal, and bring more sales to your gym. The competition could be whatever suits your gym. It could be weight loss, the total time devoted to working out, increasing in strength, or training for a triathlon or something like Tough Mudder. Because as with all competitions, bargaining rights is just as important as the progress.

When the individual uses one of the above methods to sign-up to get the free class you have their information to provide them with more information even after they claim their free training. Again, as with the other flash special, these people are testing out the waters need to be wooed. They have to feel like they fit in; they will achieve the results they are looking for and feel comfortable. This effort might seem like a lot to take care of in one class or session.

But it makes the different from them loving their experience and wanting to sign up on the spot to just liking it and walking away. Everyone is glued to their phones so why not take advantage this and provide a free week pass to new check-ins on Facebook and Foursquare. Promote your offer on Facebook via an ad and only show it on mobile phones.

Lure them with a free week of workouts and make sure you have a way to sign them up after the one week is over. Google reviews not only look good when people are searching for a gym to commit to but people really read them and it helps your business rank higher than your competition in local SEO! And more than not, it influences their decision. First, you get Google reviews on your page which looks good to non-members and it great for Google. It gives them the chance to workout with someone they know!

Third, it gets new people to your gym. Once you do get them there make sure you keep them! Before the one month is over talk to the potential member about joining and get them signed up before the month is completed. Do you have exceptional gym members that are working super hard to reach a goal? Of course you do! Make your members feel special by featuring a member of the week or month on your website and social media accounts. Everyone likes to be recognized and there is no better way to keep your members happy than them knowing their personal trainers and coaches are paying attention.

Take a photo of your special member during or after a workout, share why they are so spectacular and recognize them on your digital channels. Want to take it one step further, create special t-shirts that has a special saying or acronym on them. These shirts can not be given to everyone but it has to be earned. Only featured members get to have them. Fitness marketing is not only about attracting new members but keeping your current members happy.

You know those questions that members continuously ask you during class? Answer those questions on your website. Not only will these blog posts help with current members but now you have a place your members can turn to for resources and FAQs. Want to take it one step further? Create short videos answering the question and post them on YouTube. This is great for gyms that have a lot of technical workouts where movements are essential in efficiently completing the workouts.

Members can have a resource that they can turn to again and again when they need that extra bit of teaching or forget something that you told them. Creating this unique content is not only a great time saver, member keeper but it also helps your website rank for more keywords. Providing consistent, valuable content that is SEO optimized will get more people to your website online. Then in these blog posts, you have a way to capture the new visitor information and then you start creating an email list.

An email list for your non-members and members. Send non-members valuable content via emails and persuade them to visit your gym with a discount or a trial period. You can test a lot of different fitness marketing campaigns but one thing that will bring members together is weight loss. Whether this be a group or individual effort a weight loss campaign with a start date, end state, weight goals and coaches to help the individuals along the way will get members and even non-members on board.

Make the challenge open to everyone for a fee. You can give current gym members a discount since they will be paying extra to be part of the challenge. A weight loss challenge accomplishes two great things. It helps members reach their goals and it gets non-members in your gym. Besides the gratification of losing weight, you can give the winner something awesome.

For a CrossFit box, the prize might be lots of Progenex products. For a yoga studio, it might be a Manduka yoga mat with cool yoga clothing. You get the idea, make the prize something that is related to your gym and it somewhat expensive. One of the most difficult aspects of fitness and having a healthy lifestyle is nutrition! You know food is a constant battle with members so give them a helping hand with meal plans! In addition to being an example provide your members and even non-members meal plans to make their life easier.

You might be thinking how is meal plans a fitness marketing campaign? This falls in line with answering your member questions on your website via blog posts. Nutrition is one of the hardest thing for people to master so by providing a meal plan on your website gated of course will keep your members happy. When you ask for this information this individual is now in your email list.

From then on you could send them more valuable information and updates about becoming a member. Fitness marketing is more than just ads with pictures of super fit people with abs. Nice and very useful ideas! Although digital advertisement is a very important aspect of marketing, our clients tell us that print media can be very effective at a local level. I agree with all of your tips to advertise your gym and get more members, but I would like to add to them.

Yes, SEO, free passes, and the like are all successful in getting members, but I would like to argue that they are not necessarily effective in keeping them. I was a member of a gym that participated in similar sales and incentives, but I left because they were not completely truthful about their prices. If you are a gym that is looking to retain members make sure they know about annual fees and late payments.

11 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership in

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You want to trim your waistline but not your wallet? Look no further!

The only thing more difficult than keeping a fitness resolution is parting with the cash to support it. Gym memberships ain t cheap! While these January gym deals might not move you to get your money s worth, they will soften the blow when you set out to achieve your New Year s resolution JOIN. You can sign up for most of these deals online, but you re better off signing up in person.

Cheap Houston Gyms: The Best Membership Deals of

Skip navigation! Story from Fitness. The period between the holidays and the New Year might as well be the "Black Friday" of gym deals. To many, this is the time to make a new health-related goal or resolution — thanks to diet culture — and as a result, lots of gyms offer discounts or other promotions because they know tons of people are looking to throw their money at new memberships. Of course, there are tons of valid reasons why you might be looking to join a gym besides fulfilling a resolution you made. Maybe you ve been wanting to work with a personal trainer to learn how to lift weights?

Best Gym Deals for a Healthy Start to the New Year

And many of them then committed to purchasing a membership. We looked at the average percent increase in gym members added for Zen Planner fitness businesses. Make sure you have a plan in place to keep your new members loyal. Get your free copy of our guide, Essential Strategies for Member Retention. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. DO make sure your member management software is clean, organized and ready to go Depending on the size of your fitness business, purchase your software three to six weeks before you plan to open or expect a rush of members. You should be completely functional with the software and have everything set up correctly to make things smooth for both you and your members. Plus, when you bring members in on a discount it becomes difficult to charge them full price in the future. Set up an onboarding program and make sure your staff are trained and comfortable with this process. Create a new member welcome packet to help with your new members transition into your community.

Are gym memberships worth the money?

Yes, he was 6 beers deep and full of carne asada. But dammit, things were different this year: He was going to do it! But by early February, his commitment began to wane. Joining a gym, while admirable, is generally one of the worst investments you can make.

8 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership

Absolute beginners to advanced yogis can work up a sweat in an assortment of stretchy positions at a state-of-the-art studio. One or two clients can aim to increase fitness, strength, self defence and confidence with Muay Thai over the course of five classes. Get long, lean and toned muscles, improve posture, increase flexibility and fast with five Reformer Pilates classes. Covering self-defence techniques against the most common street attacks, these sessions take place at locations including Covent Garden. Customers can enjoy as many as ten sessions of yoga, working on their flexibility and getting closer to an ideal mind and body balance. Customer can take advantage of day access to a fully equipped gym with a cardio centre, nutrition bar and a coaching team. Customers can practice kickboxing, a form of martial art which combines boxing and elements of karate, in particular kicking with bare feet. Customers can work on their mind and body balance throughout the course of up to five yoga lessons. Fitness lovers can relax and get to know the benefits of controlled breathing with up to ten salt yoga sessions.

The Best 3 Gyms For Your Wallet

Now that the holidays are over, you might be determined to lose some of those extra pounds, but here s a word to the wise: Today s New Year s resolution is often tomorrow s excuse. In the meantime, the workout rooms will be packed with "best intentions" for the next few weeks. It s the busiest time of the year for health clubs, and that helps keep the industry financially fit. Wait a few weeks, though, and the lines for the treadmill and stationary bikes are likely to go away. John LaRosa, who tracks the industry at Market Data Enterprises, says many fitness clubs get their money even if you end up abandoning your exercise plan. As he explains it, "Some of the chains still like to try to sign you up for a yearly program, knowing full well that most people, after three or four months, are not going to be using the facility, because they get tired and lose interest. At least they re giving the job market a lift. At Fitness Evolution, in the L. By the middle of February, however, he says the "New Year s resolutioners" are usually nowhere to be seen.

Thank You for sharing this information.

New Year s resolutions boost gym memberships

Dedicated to getting the most out of your time and body. Benefits include a Full Club Membership at a reduced joining fee and lower monthly dues. We offer a Free Session of Personal Training because we want to answer all your questions, spend the time with you to find out about your goals! I love that the locker rooms have shampoo, soap, q-tips, aftershave, tissues, etc. Plus towel service. The steam room is great. Overall, cheaper than the corporate guys and had everything I needed. I really enjoy having the hot tub and dry sauna in the locker rooms for a it of privacy. The least intimidating environment you can imagine. Excellent facilities and equipment. This place is gonna help us change our lives for the better!

Try before you buy. Buy a membership at Costco. The voucher is valid at any Express, Active or Sport location, and you can find which type your nearest location is by clicking here. If the voucher is out-of-stock online, try your local Costco. Plus, it regularly hosts Zumba parties, Body Pump class launches and other group workouts that you can bring non-member friends to for FREE. Join a low-cost gym. The rise of no-thrills establishments with equipment and locker rooms, but little else, is the latest trend in fitness. Go back to school.

But even if there were, would anyone really want to? Enjoy shame-free indulging knowing these Twin Cities gyms have deals on memberships, classes, and kick-start programs to help you re-pep your step come the New Year. The draw: Many metro locations, including 30 S. The Y has group classes for just about every kind of workout yoga, tabata, aqua zumba, kickboxing, and tai chi, to name a few. Check out all the above plus some swanky bonus features like virtual reality strength and cardio classes and a rooftop dining area at the brand new Gaviidae facility, opening early in downtown Minneapolis. CrossFit classes are only open to participants with at least three months of previous experience, but first-timers can get a taste of that intensity during Boot Camp—along with the nutritional guidance necessary to maintain the rigorous lifestyle. CrossFit newbies are also welcome to try a similar, intensive conditioning workout in a MetCon class, and pilates sessions are open to all. Lastly, and certainly most importantly Top Gun is a dog-friendly gym! Well-behaved pups are welcome to watch from the sidelines as their humans put in work. The deal:

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