Deals sfr

Deals sfr

Deals sfr

By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies. Find out more. SFR is the second-largest telecommunications provider in France. Find out everything you need to know about SFR here, from how to sign up for an Internet or mobile phone plan , to how to reach customer service and more. The company entered the fixed phone market when it deregulated in , and has been selling Internet plans since SFR was the first telecommunications operator to offer 4G, in November

KKR to buy 50 pct of Altice France’s SFR TowerCo

A new episode about every day averaging 24 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.

Play Later. Manage episode series By Joe Fairless. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Today we welcome back Greg Rand who has told us about investment markets before on the show link to that episode is below. Now he is the CEO of a platform that has an abundance of deals for single family investors.

Hear how they find all these deals and take notes to use for you own deal searching, or buy something from their site. Best Ever Tweet: Get dashboard reporting, smarter income and expense tracking and tax-ready financials. Get your free account at stessa. Ah, the perpetual vacation, the motivation for a lot of beginning investors and experienced investors to build a large real estate portfolio.

One problem: How do we change this or scale a business with our t Another edition of Follow Along Friday! Joe is joined by Lennon Lee who is a podcast host himself and real estate investor. Okay so the secret is not so much a secret, when the economy changes, and changes his business, Jack and his team will reinvent themselves and business.

They continue to thrive regardless of what is happening outside of the business because of this. Hear how to change on the fly for continued growth and success at any level. If you enjoyed toda Loe was making good money running a car dealership, but was not fulfilled. He wanted to get into property management, but no one would hire someone who was taking a huge pay cut! He finally got a job as an assistant property manager and started learning the business.

Eventually he learned about residential assisted living and started building t At some point, most of us start thinking about retirement. John was ahead of the curve for most people and at a younger age started projecting out his income and savings. He realized retirement was not looking great, tried to figure out the stock market, then fell in love with real estate investing.

He also lives a different lifestyle than probably most of us listening to this episode. Nico is a nudist who built a colony of nudists on vacant land that he bought. Hear how he did it, what kind of returns he got, and how he plans on doing it again Gerri has been involved in consumer credit education for many years, even writing a book on it. Gerri was hearing from real estate investors that people were getting scammed trying to get credit for their real estate business.

Nathan had a problem, he needed to hire team members and saw the need for others too. So he created a company to help provide good remote team members for businesses and people that need help. Hear his best tips as it pertains to hiring a new person. Best Ever John has been on the show in the past episode and is sharing some of the best things he learned in his business last week. Of course Joe will be sharing his best lessons learned last week too.

Ryan and his team were focused on wholesaling and then flipping, and then got into buy and hold investments. We get to hear from a commercial broker today who is top 10 in both leasing and investment sales in San Antonio. Bethany founded and is the co-owner of a full service commercial firm. There are alot of note investors, both performing and non-performing. DeAnn is here to tell us more information on the strategy.

For the most part, everything we talk about pertains specifically to multifamily syndication. Chris and his company help farmers get farm land by helping t Best Ever Twe Today we have two guests with us today to discuss real estate taxes. Stessa is our sponsor and also our guest today, along with Thomas Castelli, an investor, CPA, and tax strategist.

So hit play to hear the easiest way to handle your taxes and hear about the new laws. Tom and his company specialize in hospitality and restaurant brokerage. With 30 years of restaurant and night club experience, Tom is the perfect partner for investors who are looking for restaurant deals. Theo will cover the rest of the assumptions you will be setting. So dive in and hit play to learn more about how to do an apartment syndication deal.

Time to start learning about setting assumptions. Best Ever Tw One of the most popular ways to get started in real estate is through house hacking. This is how Chad got his start as well, only he did it a little different. Usually, someone will purchase a multifamily property and live in one of the units while renting out the other unit or units. Chad needed someone to help pay the mortgage so his friend m Daniel and his parents immigrated to the United States in , they faced tough times growing up as the family struggled financially.

Daniel bought his first deal specifically for his parents and their retirement at the age of Adam is here to talk fundraising with us today. Not necessarily fundraising to purchase real estate, but rather for non profit organizations. Adam and his company use real estate to raise the money for different charities. Taxes are an inevitable part of running a business, sometimes things can go wrong. Shanyn has helped her clients and is here to share some tips with us today.

Joe and Theo are back for another round of Follow Along Friday. Today, Joe is sharing his best lessons learned from last week, when he interviewed nine people for the podcast. Theo has covered a ton of details so far for apartment syndication deals. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are covered today, with more to follow! Sometimes getting creative is necessary to make a deal work. Zach and the company he works with, only do creative deals, or as he says they buy on terms. He has three primary creative financing strategies; lease purchase, owner financing, and subject-to.

Ari decided to take more control of his financial destiny, so he began investing in real estate. For most of us, this is how we get started, and hearing a successful example to follow can help anyone who wants to be in the same situation as Ar Ken is an expert and owns a company that helps people invest in precious metals. Growing a business takes a lot of time and effort. Today, Terry will help us understand how businesses are valued, so that we can focus on the activities that have the highest returns.

For Follow Along Friday this week, Joe is sharing some favorite lessons he learned while doing his interviews for the podcast last week. Lessons Le Final episode of the financial statements segment of the Syndication School series. Theo will be talking about more, you guessed it, financial documents. Part 5 of our 6 part series on apartment financial statements.

Theo will be covering a few different documents today, including the OM. So without much more explaining from me, hit play and learn more about the financials from Theo. Recently, they finished a business plan and sold a deal, now we get to hear their case study discussion. At a very young age Igor has figured out how to build a consistent and profitable house flipping business. Not only has he been exceptional at networking and establishing advantageous business relationships, his business is structured smartly and his team is performing very well.

The Blockchain. Matthew has built a company that helps people invest in real estate all over the world without a third party. Many people would like a way to invest in real estate and pay less taxes. Well what a lot of people may not know, is that they may have the capital available to do this, they just have to move it around, get it into a self directed IRA, and have some professional guidance.

Listen in for tips on executing this strategy. Joe is sharing his top lessons learned from the conference.

SFR unit did 10 deals in

A new episode about every day averaging 24 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.

Today we welcome back Greg Rand who has told us about investment markets before on the show link to that episode is below. Now he is the CEO of a platform that has an abundance of deals for single family investors.

The two-year loan with multiple options pays only interest of Libor plus basis points, and no principal, for its entire term, according to Kroll Bond Rating Agency. The combined firms both currently structured as real estate investment trusts will manage 82, homes and operate under the Invitation NYSE: Other SWH transactions had an average age of 26 years, per the agency. Both figures are subject to change as the result of a new feature for the deal: BPO valuations are currently being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission over concerns they could be overinflated by assessors hired by private-equity sponsors. KBRA states that 31 single-borrower SFR securitizations have occurred since November , with eight having been repaid through refinancing or other sources.

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This is such an important year for international news, with pivotal stories such as the global economic crisis, US and French elections and the Arab Uprising and BBC World News will bring SFR subscribers to the heart of these critical international stories. The BBC has rich heritage in international news broadcasting, and today BBC World News broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has access to around 2, journalists and 70 bureaux throughout the world. The channel, which is available in million homes globally, broadcasts award-winning news, interviews, documentaries and lifestyle programmes, including World News Today, the European evening-peak news programme, presented by Zeinab Badawi and broadcast weekdays at hrs CET. For further information on how to receive BBC World News, download schedules or find out more about the channel, visit bbc. The award-winning international news and information channel is now available on SFR satellite neufbox TV offer channel Search the site Can t find what you need?

Technology Briefing | Deals: SFR And Kodak Plan Venture

I went from being married to single after 30 years, moved to a new city and, at the same time, changed gender. The Journey to Female. Pieces are, thus, often celebratory and usually quite vivid. About Face: The Journey to Female: It s been a while since SFR featured the smooth Cuban street music of Santa Fe s Savor, but somewhere in the back of our minds we just knew Victor Alvarez and company were out there, sexy as all hell, getting people to dance as if the choice were no longer theirs. Savor is a testament to Alvarez musical upbringing in Cuba and his time spent learning from bembes—informal musical gatherings in the streets—and his mother, a talented musician herself. Either way, we just think the band is fun and a perfect choice for people in search of Latin flavor. If there s one thing we love, it s School of Rock situations wherein young folks learn the rock ropes and show up to concerts with the passion and gumption of a thousand suns! Enter Albuquerque s School of Rock ABQ, a group of high-schoolers who fully love Led Zeppelin and aim to prove it with a little help from younger students.

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We use cookies on the SkateHut website in order to deliver a brilliant shopping experience. Want to get notified when it s back in stock? Just enter your email below: To keep your skates in top condition we recommend you pick up some Skate Guards , and a handy Skate Bag to keep your gear together. Want to keep your blades nice and sharp?

Unlikely SFR Deal Killers (JJ )

Jack Butala: Welcome to the Jack Jill show. Entertaining real estate investment talk. Jill DeWit: Single family residential wholesaling deal killers that lurk in the background. And you may or may not be familiar with. This is kind of one of yours. Okay, Chris asks: That was until this past week I had a seller back out of a deal after he agreed to sell and all the due diligence checked out.

SFR Galaxy Ice Skates - White

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EuroWeek Review of the Year

The long-awaited 7. This recent flurry of deal-making reflects a move by telecom firms to counter sluggish growth and respond to threats from new entrants, such as Google and Apple, who are eating in to mobile profits. With consumers using more smart phones and tablet computers, data is exploding on networks, raising the need for investment. To cope, telecom operators, such as Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom, are cutting down their portfolios to focus on markets where they can achieve scale, unwinding aggressive international expansions undertaken a decade ago. The telecom giants are also returning money to shareholders in a bid to placate them before undertaking large investments in mobile and fixed networks as well as spectrum auctions now underway in the U. Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom both pledged multi-billion euro share buybacks after their deals, while Vivendi signalled that the SFR buyout would lead to an increase in its dividend. Consultants PRTM said such deals showed telecom firms were now more interested in national depth than global reach. For Vodafone, the SFR deal marks the latest and largest move in its strategy to sell minority stakes it does not control. The only major issue outstanding is its need to secure a dividend from its U. Some have speculated that the two giants could one day merge instead. For Vivendi, the deal brings closer its vision of a new-look group with higher cash flows, more exposure to telecoms and its mature home market of France.

Vivendi to get Vivendi said it will eventually sell the residual stake. While the French government has openly backed Bouygues, Vivendi said it has insisted that any buyer stick to employment promises that correspond to priorities fixed by the government. By sticking to its preferred bidder Altice, Vivendi is ending a monthlong bidding war that threatened to delay its reorganization to focus on media. For Drahi, the year-old Altice chairman who made his fortune amassing cable assets, the transaction cements years of seeking to take over SFR, whose previous owners included Vodafone Group Plc. His cable empire spans from Portugal to Israel, and he saw through an initial public offering of Numericable in Paris in and Altice on the Amsterdam exchange earlier this year. The transaction will require antitrust approval.

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